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OWK Sausage is made from 100 percent kosher certified chicken and comes in a variety of flavors which have never been tasted in the kosher food industry.

These are the only fresh/raw sausages currently being offered to the kosher consumer allowing the consumer to chose how to cook them and to what recipe they can add a unique and exciting addition to in their own homes.

Rigorously monitored in all aspects of production by both the
OU and Rabbai Babat . These two exemplary authorities supervise the process by which the food is prepared, examine the ingredients used to make the food, and regularly inspect the processing facilities to make sure that proper standards are met.

OWK offers flavors like Chicken Apple Sausage, Hot Italian Sausage, and Sweet Italian Sausage. To date, caterers and restauranteurs can’t seem to get enough of these delicacies.

Recent focus group participants exclaimed that the truly exciting and distinctive taste profile delivered a unique culinary experience they had not tasted before.



Sausages are chock-full of savory flavor - thanks to the addition of the finest traditional Itailian spices including anise, fennel, and pepper. For the perfect sausage and peppers hero just grill with red bell peppers and white onions.

This hot Italian sausage has the perfect balance of zesty and peppery flavors. Made with a unique blend of spices. Best when grilled, pan fried or braised. Try slicing over pasta or onto homemade flatbreads for a savory treat.

This blend of sweet spices with apples is wonderful right off the grill or better yet try it for breakfast with pancakes and maple syrup.